For Pet Owners

Exotic Avian Vet

It is very common to receive calls from owners asking what they can do to help their sick or injured pets at home. If your pet is acting strange, it is difficult to diagnose over the phone. In this case the old adage holds true “It is better to be safe than sorry.” In most cases, we will recommend that the owner makes an appointment. If you were ill and called your doctor for help, he or she would tell you that in order to provide you with proper medical care, he or she would need to examine you. The same is true with birds and exotic pets! In fact, because many exotic pets tend to hide their symptoms and become more fragile when they are sick, it is essential that they be examined as soon as possible after they show signs of illness.

Why is Preventative Care Important?

Scheduling annual exams for your exotic pet is strongly recommended and vital to long-term health of your pet. Even if your pet appears healthy, annual exams help keep you updated about the latest developments in exotic animal care and keep Dr. Medlin consistently aware of your pet’s physical condition. As with humans, yearly exams are the best way to prevent illness and it will be significantly less expensive than if you bring your pet in when it is sick.

Your First Visit

If you are coming to MEAMS for the first time, please arrive a few minutes early to fill out the necessary new client forms. To save time, you can download and complete your client registration form ahead of time. For your pet’s safety and the safety of our other clients, please bring your pet in an enclosed carrier. If at all possible, please have the primary caretaker bring the pet to your appointment so that we can obtain detailed information about husbandry. If the primary caretaker cannot attend, they should be available by phone. If your pet has been seen at a different facility, please ask the veterinarian for a copy of your pet’s record. Our receptionists are happy to call to request the records transfer; however, many facilities will require you to call personally to confirm. It is often easiest to have them faxed to 239-225-9780 or emailed to

What to Expect

During your visit Dr. Medlin and his team will discuss your pet’s diet, habitat, behavior, etc. and answer any questions you may have. New patient exams will normally last 45 minutes to an hour. This includes a complete physical exam performed by one of our doctors, as well as a discussion with one of our technicians about your pet’s specific concern. You will also receive current recommendations regarding your bird or exotic pet’s nutrition, housing, behavior, and care. Please remember that if we need to take x-rays or draw blood, more time will be necessary. We ask that you leave enough time in your schedule to accommodate these adjustments. If this is not possible, please let us know, so that we can arrange to keep your pet for additional testing, allowing you to pick him or her up a little later in the day. If you are an existing client whose pet has been seen by our clinic before, you can make arrangements to drop your pet off and pick him or her up after the examination and/or treatments are complete.